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Cycling on the Nanos plateau

Description: The Nanos plateau is 12 km long and 6 km wide and it has a wide variety of cycling tracks for bike enthusiasts. There are 4 routes leading to Nanos: the North one is from Podkraj, the East one is from Bukovje, the South one is from Podnanos and the West one is from Vipava.Of all four routes, two are the most important and they are used by all tourist and visitors. These are the West route from Vipava and the South route from Podnanos. Both ways to the edge of the plateau are covered with asphalt and are suitable for more experienced cyclists.

 Asphalt roads and ways through the woods:

The plateau is divided into three areas by length: the top, the bare pastures and the woods. These large areas give cyclists a chance to explore paths through the woods and through the pastures. These paths are suitable and convenient also for cyclists who like more challenging routes. You can take the macadam road, which continues from the South route in Podnanos, and go up to the summit Pleša at an altitude of 1262 m. In the central area, the pastures, there are three paths: the lower one across Lipe, the middle one across Ravnik and the upper one across Abram.

Cycling across the Vipava hills

Description: The Vipava hills have an average altitude of 500m and circle the valley on the South side. From Vrabče on the East to the Planina in the West, there are many crest ways and almost all of them are covered with asphalt. They are suitable for more experienced individuals and families, since the difference in altitude among the hills is few 100m. Crest ways offer you wonderful views of the nearby Karst region, the edge of the Trnovo forest, the Nanos’ crest with a plateau and of the Postonjska gateway on the East. The road takes us to the higher-altitude vineyard: Veliko Polje, Vrabče, Štjak, Goče, Trebižani, Čehovini, Kodreti, Dolanci, Erzelj, Gaberje and Planina. Some roads between the villages are covered with macadam. Many churches on nearby hills keep us company; some of them are covered with a special stone 'skrle'. If you stop at one of the farms, you will be served with delicious home-made dishes.

Cycling on the Vipava’s flatland

Description: Vipava’s flatland on the area of Vipava’s municipality is spread from the village Otošče bellow the Rebernice to the Ajdovščina’s field near Log. You can pick and cycle many ways on this 18km long and 3 km wide area. In this beautiful countryside you can admire the vineyards on the nearby hills. There are also many castles and manors which tell us stories from the past. You will go over many stone bridges over the river Vipava and streams Močivnik and Mrzli potok, which have been built in different periods, also in the period of Napoleon and the Illyrian provinces. Ways across the Vipava’s flatland are suitable for all cycling enthusiasts, mostly for families with children, since those roads are less crowded.


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